Kindness on Social Media

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We hear a lot about trolls, internet bullying and awful things that happen online. But there's also major kindness happening via social networks. Really!

East Valley High School valedictorian Konner Sauve opened an anonymous instagram account and posted nice things about each of his Washington classmates along with their yearbook pics. At graduation, he announced that he was behind the account, which gave students a boost all year. (Read the full story here.)

A few excerpts are below, and all are worth seeing. Kindness wins!

♥ Rebecca. "Our wonderful horse rider!!! You may be extremely quiet, but you are so wonderfully sweet and generous to all those you meet..."

♥ Dilan. "Shy, timid, but ALWAYS helping. ALWAYS!?! How do you do it? I am not too sure. But I can guarantee anyone around you sees you work so hard in all you do..."

♥ Yahayra. "You found an outlet over these years, an artistic and influential outlet. You’re more than just an artist, you’re a master with any medium you choose to use. We are all in awe of your abilities because they are so breathtaking and so professional!"