Smells Like Teen Spirit

bath-and-body-works-flashback-fragrances-467I know the '90 are "in" right now. From overalls to Adidas sneakers to mini backpacks, basically fashion is one big deja vu of my, ahem, younger years. Recently, one VERY formative player in my teenage beauty routine, Bath and Body Works, brought back some of its most popular smells from the '90s for Flashback Fragrances.

Believe me when I say every girl in my high school had her "signature" scent. Mine was Plumeria, which made me feel so sophisticated just to say: "Plu-me-re-aahhhh."

My other all-time fave Sun-Ripened Raspberry is already sold out, and there are listings on eBay for quite the pretty penny. Someone is trying to sell this lotion for $24! Say what? At that price, you might at well spring for a bottle of CK One.

Smells like teen spirit.