Tried and Approved: Supergoop!

You guys, SPF always screws up my beauty routine. Moisturizer before SPF? SPF after concealer? IT'S SO CONFUSING! Heeeelp. Thankfully, I was recently given a freebie of Supergoop's Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 ($12, 1 oz.) to try out and it's pretty, pretty, pretty awesome. It's meant to be spritzed OVER all of your makeup, which means no smearing, smudging or swearing about messing up your just-applied eyeliner.

As the label states, it's a matte finish three-in-one mist that "sets make-up, controls oil, and delivers UV photoaging protection." My skin looks nice and soft and it helps prevent shine throughout the day. Plus, the rosemary scent is amazing and makes me want to grow my own herbal garden and also eat foccacia bread.

Supergoop advises reapplication every few hours for maximum sun protection and the pump makes it a cinch. I can even do it walking down the street, and I'm not usually good at multi-tasking.

I'll stick to normal sunscreen in lotion form for most days, but on those occasions when I have to look presentable and makeup is a must, I'm all about gooping up my face.