You Are That Girl, #MIRRORLOVE

Selfies may make you think of an inflated ego, conceit and vanity (ahem, Kim Kardashian duck-face). But the organization I AM THAT GIRL is taking back the selfie and turning it into an empowering tool. IATG has teamed up with the cool people at GOOD magazine andSambazon for the #100startswith1 campaign for #MIRRORLOVE, the ultimate way to selfie-love. Here's what to do:

1. Look at yourself in a mirror for 60 seconds. This might feel uncomfortable at first, and it's easy to start criticizing yourself, but get past it and focus on the good stuff -- like, how you're great at soccer or a talented artist.

2. Ask yourself how you are. How are you feeling? Good? Bad? Try to figure it out.

3. Write something nice about yourself. Now, it's time for my favorite part -- the compliments! Write a short love note to yourself on a post-it or on the mirror with lipstick. It can be something like "You are beautiful" or "You make amazing lasagna."

4. Snap a selfie and share it. You owe it to the world to spread your awesomeness. Hashtag with #MIRRORLOVE.