Like a face mask for your feet


Lucky me, I have a few friends who travel to Korea on the regular and they bring me back fun, new-to-me Korean beauty products to try -- YAY! One of the things I've been obsessed with are foot masks, which are -- you guessed it -- like face masks for your feet. They're perfect for this sandal-wearing weather where your toes are constantly on display.

The paper masks are infused with a moisturizing formula. Just wrap them around your feet, prop your tootsies up on a pillow, and after an episode of your favorite streaming TV show (my choice? The Incredible Kimmy Schmidt), they'll have done their magic.

The only problem is they're a little hard to find, but a quick search eBay will result in lots of choices, like Shea Butter from Nature Republic ($7, pictured).

I'll never be a foot model, but damn -- they're soft and who knew they could look so... dewy.