Perfect Dorm Storage Solutions

It's hard to put your entire life into a new, small dorm room when the time comes. There are entire shopping aisles devoted to this issue at big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart, but what to buy? The key is having good storage solutions. So we asked Jeff Gawronski of to share his best tips: ♥ You need storage that doesn't take up too much floor space, so go vertical where you can. "Snap Dorm Cubes have an easy, no tools required assembly with lightweight, plastic-sheet shelves that snap together for solid shelving units," says Jeff.

♥ Where better to hide things than under the bed? But don't just toss your stuff around to collect dust bunnies — give everything its own home. "The Ultimate Underbed Drawer Trunk (pictured) is massive and is the same width as your bed to fully utilize underbed storage space," says Jeff. You can get it with or without wheels and the drawer has a slip cover to protect what you put inside.

♥ Jeff recommends the College Cube Bookshelf to eliminate workspace clutter. It has a wide center that keeps a desk surface clear for your laptop, books and papers while creating shelving space to store other things above.