Cool Girl: Mira Modi, 11, NYC

I am not only a bad password maker, but I'm also a bad password rememberer. Not really a good combo. But 11-year-old Mira Modi, a sixth grader from NYC, is trying to make mine and other people's lives a littler easier — and more secure. 

She's started an online business to create super unique passwords utilizing Diceware software. As Mira explains on her website: "Using a proven methodology, I build long, strong, memorable passwords using strings of words from the dictionary that I select using dice." We like this little lady's entrepreneurial spirit!

When you send in your request for a password ($2), Mira will roll a dice and handwrite your words down on a piece of paper and snail mail it you. (I mean, is it me? Or is there a something super cool and spy-like about this?)

Hackers are gonna hack, so get your password from Mira and never worry about accidentally spamming your friends again about winning a trip to the Bahamas.