Halloween Costumes for Your Pets

I'm not saying your cat would look cuter dressed like a frog, but I'm not saying s/he wouldn't... because this get-up is pretty darn cute. Here are a few good costume options (we considered comfort too!), just in case your pets are feeling Halloweeny this month: 

♥ Frog Hat, bitchknits ($18, pictured). I mean, just look at this adorableness. If your cat is a more whimsical type, check outthe rainbow unicorn horn.

♥ Yoda the Dog, meowadays ($20). Wise, this pup looks. On the right path, he will lead you.

♥ Cat Lion, The360Shop ($15). This one's a no-brainer. Roar.

Look, we know your pet's not gonna put up with this nonsense for more than five minutes, but the photos will last a lifetime.