Jennifer Estep Delivers New Fantasy Novels

In Cold Burn of Magic, Book 1 of New York Times bestselling fantasy author Jennifer Estep’s Black Blade series, we meet Lila, 17, who lives in the tourist town of Cloudburst Falls, WVA, also known as “the most magical place in America.” Though she mostly tries to stay out of the way of the feuding family dynasties who run the town, one fateful day she finds herself having to save the very handsome, mysterious Devon Sinclair… and her world, and worldview, shifts forever.

Publisher’s Weekly called the characters in Estep’s series “well worth getting to know,” and we agree. Here are a few you’ll want to meet:

♥ Lila Merriweather. Our heroine is a secretive thief who loves shiny things — and bacon!

♥ Devon Sinclair. Our hero is the serious, loyal and always tries to do the right thing.

♥ Felix Morales. This chatterbox of a sidekick has healing magic, and he’s so friendly that he’s never met a stranger.

♥ Deah Draconi. The daughter of the most powerful man in town, Deah is involved with Felix… but is she friend or foe?

♥ Oscar. A pixie housekeeper who wears cowboy boots, loves country music and has a pet tortoise named Tiny.

Intrigued yet? Check out Cold Burn of Magic, and its sequel, Dark Heart of Magic, out today!