There are a lot of reasons why everyone is obsessed with social media. For the most part, it's good fun. However, there is a dark side that is very pervasive and damaging to all of us, but especially to teenage girls. 

Dove U.K. is tackling this problem after research showed that 60% of girls feel prettier online than in real life. Why? It's directly correlated to the amount of likes they get on their selfies (Dove's research also revealed it takes a girl an average of 12 minutes to prepare for a selfie).

The amount of "hearts" a picture gets should never (EVER) dictate self-esteem, so to combat this issue, Dove has launched the #NOLIKESNEEDED campaign: The only like you need is your own.

Everyone's self-confidence is sometimes affected by social media, myself included. Just remember, Instagram isn't exactly an accurate representation of real life — it's a lot of smoke and mirrors and filters.