Read It: Rookie Yearbook Four

Pick up any Rookie yearbook and you're in for a treat. The newly released fourth and final yearbook is no exception. 

Honestly, it's so good that I'm just going to flip through the book at random (we did this with Yearbook Three also) and find the gems on those pages. Because every bit of it is gold.

♥ "How to Structure Your Days if You're Depressed" (p. 241). Smart, thoughtful advice and musings by Ragini on things like cherishing isolation and breaking down the tiniest tasks of the day to meet them one by one.

♥ "How to Tell Creepy Dudes to Leave You Alone" (p. 176). Krista shares her methods for calling out skeevy men and stepping into your power. Key move: Speak loudly: STOP IT.

♥ "Sensitive and Powerful: An Interview with Dona Tartt" (p. 306). Florence Welch interviews the author of The Goldfinch — they talk masculinity, flea markets and tea.

See, told you it's epic. Snag your copy