RED Hearts: T. Swift, Alessia Cara & Topanga!

RED Hearts are guest posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.

Today's RED Hearts is from Jordyn Turney, 25, in Boise, Idaho, who knows how to entertain herself, and us: 

These are the days when fall feels real. School is no longer just back-to-school, leaves are changing, and the Starbucks everything pumpkin menu is in full effect. Fortunately there’s plenty of great television and music out there for the move indoors.

For your October entertainment, here are a few favorite ways to best spend any upcoming chilly, gloomy days:

♥ Girl Meets World. Season one just hit Netflix, and I devoured it in a matter of days. The sequel to Boy Meets World boasts a reunion of old cast members (Cory and Topanga... and Shawn!), along with the new gang (Cory's daughter, her best friend, and of course the requisite love interest) and similarly family-centric storylines. This is an old-school teen sitcom revamped, and it's absolutely a success. The show is especially delightful for the already-fans of Boy Meets World, but it’s so well written and acted that any new viewer is apt to fall seamlessly into the world of the Matthews family. I can't recommend it enough.

♥ Seventeen, by Alessia Cara. OK, so Alessia Cara’s whole EP is pretty great. But I'm especially loving this soulful, angsty, pop masterpiece about dreams, regrets, and teenagedom — not the easiest thing to capture in a song or anywhere else. Impressive is the word that comes to mind.

♥ 1989, by Ryan Adams. In case you somehow missed it — maybe you don't follow T Swift on every social media outlet like I do? — there's now a complete and total remix of her 1989. It’s a gift, this song-by-song cover album by Ryan Adams. He manages to showcase Swift's moving songwriting in a way that (sorry!) danceable pop beats just can't do. Somehow Adams makes songs like “Welcome to New York” and “Blank Space” register as heartaching anthems, which makes1989 the kind of soundtrack to perfectly suit this season 2015.

RED Hearts guest poster Jordyn Turney is an author of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.