An Unexpected Favorite: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

Before I went on my trip to Mexico this summer, I was in Whole Foods and realized I needed a travel-sized face wash. So I perused the aisles and randomly picked out this: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. I liked the way it smelled and it met the Federal Aviation Administration's regulation of 3.4 oz or less. Sold!

I didn't have high expectations, as I'm pretty picky when it comes to stuff I put on my face, but holy moly — I'm still using this stuff six months later. 

The formula is very liquid-y, but don't be fooled, a little goes a long way. It lathers easily with water and leaves skin feeling soft and squeaky clean (for real, it feels like you just got a facial or something). The best part is that it consists of all-natural, organic ingredients — things you can actually pronounce. Tea tree oil makes it great for oily skin, while chamomile and goldenseal lends soothing, gentle properties. 

And, I guess I'm not the only fan, because a little research has shown that it's a total crowd favorite. But, don't take my (or their) word for it — give it a try if you're in the market for a new face wash.