Blush for Dummies

I have a verrrrrry slow learning curve when it comes to makeup. Until recently, I've been intimidated by blush, fearing that I'd end up looking like a clown doll with red cheeks. Hello, Bozo. 

But, guess what? It's not that complicated -- or scary. Now that the sun will be hiding for the next several months, blush gives a pleasant perk to the skin. We like an Edward Cullen-like complexion, but a healthy glow is always a plus. For me, I
 don't even want to look like I'm wearing blush, so here are my three tips for first timers! 

♥ Pick a natural shade. You want a color that literally gives you ablush. Just a hint of color. I love these e.l.f. Beautifully bare Blushes ($4). They're kind of foolproof.

♥ You'll need a good brush. It really helps with getting an even application. At $16, this Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Multipurpose Brush is great for powder or creme formulas. (A little pricey, but trust me, I've used cheaper brushes, and I've ended up throwing them out.)

♥ Application. Now this is the intimidating part. If you Google "How to apply blush," you'll get a million different techniques, but ignore all of that. My best tips: go for a run or do some jumping jacks, or remember that time your mom really embarrassed you. Those cheeky parts that turn pink? That's where you naturally glow and are the parts you want to highlight.