How to Donate Old Toys for A Good Cause

It's likely that you have some gently loved toys lying around, and the upcoming holiday is the perfect time to take stock. Those My Little Ponies will never sell for that much on ebay, so it's time to let someone else know the joys of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. 

That's where Second Chance Toys (SCT) comes in. This organization takes used plastic toys, which are often "good as new" (and would forever clog a landfill), and puts them into the hands of kids who need them. Last year, they collected over 200,000 toys — that's a lot of colorful plastic cheer they're spreading! We talked to founder Sasha Lipton, who was 15 when SCT started:

I Heart Daily: Where did the idea for SCT come from?
Sasha Lipton: While driving around on a big garbage collection day in my town, I noticed how many people were throwing away plastic toys. I knew that there were so many children in nearby towns who could not afford these toys that were destined for the landfill, so I started collecting them from the curb, cleaning, and donating them.

IHD: Tell us about a favorite moment.
SL: At the first Second Chance Toys donation, the children couldn't believe that they were being given toys of their own, and were so excited. I will never forget the smiles on their faces and the feeling I had knowing that I had really brightened their day.

IHD: What's been the toughest challenge for SCT?
SL: Figuring out an expansion strategy. Ideally I would like SCT to have donations taking place in every state, but also want to ensure that quality remains consistent.

IHD: How can teenagers help support SCT in their own communities?
SL: Teens can donate their old toys or start their own collection

This year, Sasha passes the Ambassador of SCT baton to the teenage children of Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein, the women behind The MOMS. It's a new generation of kids helping kids — so here's how YOU can get involved too