A Classic Comic Gets A Second Chance


Let's take it back to February 4, 1978. That was that day the British comic Misty debuted. Especially written for young girls and teens, it was a series of spooky horror stories, like a school girl getting revenge on her bullies by unveiling her supernatural powers. Mwahahaha! 

But as tastes changed and the '80s came, comics supposedly weren't very popular with girls anymore. Though Mistywas a fan favorite, they discontinued the comic after 101 issues. Bummer. 

However... MISTY IS COMING BACK! The tides have shifted once again, and the recent popularity of girl-centric comics has prompted publisher Rebellion to reprint the classic series.

There's just one more bit of bad news to tell — they won't be ready until September 2016. To tide you over, get amped and learn more about Misty at its official site. Happy horror-ing!