Trend to Try: Built-in Neckties

I'm just not a necklace person. I keep on buying them and feeling like an impostor when I wear them. Me and necklaces? We just don't see eye-to-eye. 

So while my spent dollars sit in a box on my dresser, I'm still looking for a way to accessorize without accessorizing. Well, I'm in luck, because there's a little micro-trend going on that fits this description perfectly: The built-in necktie. Here are three I'm eyeing:

♥ Geo Tie-Neck Blouse, Forever 21 ($23, pictured). Oh hello, cute-blouse-with-a-slightly-vintage-feel. Let me add you to my shopping cart. See you IRL soon. 

♥ Ruffled High Neck Blouse, Urban Outfitters ($59). Talk about walking that tomboy-girly line—this ruffly button-up comes with a thin black ribbon to bow it up. 

♥ Shirt With Tie-Up Neck, Zara ($40). Here's a bright red number that comes with a floppy tie. If you're looking for a grown-up shirt that's still fun, this is it—the drapey shape keeps it casual, while the details make it extra special.