What To Wear to Thanksgiving

Maybe you're just chilling with mom and dad. Or driving to your aunt's place a few hours away. Perhaps, even visiting your boyfriend's parents for a post-meal stroll.

No matter what you're doing, Thanksgiving is a holiday that's all about gratitude and being with your loved ones. But, it's also about — let's face it — FOOD! Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie. Nom nom nom nom nom. 

It's tricky: looking presentable for grandma, but also wearing something that is comfy, cozy and super accommodating for your future food baby. Here's what we recommend:

♥ A Flannel Dress. Automatically, a dress makes everything a littlenicer. However, this isn't the prom. Leave the lace and satin alone. We're opting for something a more casual, like this cute black and white number (pictured). (Also excellent for camouflaging spilled gravy.)

♥ Leggings. Tights are too constricting for my taste, but leggings? They'll carry you through seconds, family football and lounge time. You can always go with classic black, but perhaps you're more of ahot pink girl. Forever21 has a cornucopia of color to choose from!

♥ Ankle Booties. You probably already have a pair, but some low-heeled boots will complete this look perfectly. Or you can do like me and opt for slipper socks