A (Super Thoughtful) Last-Minute Gift

If you haven't gotten your holiday shopping done by now, there's still time to hit the mall. But if the notion of browsing with the masses makes you cringe, there is another way: The e-book. Anyone with an e-reader or a smartphone can receive the gift of your thoughtfulness in under 10 seconds. So here are a few recommendations to keep in your back pocket for late-night on the 24th. 

♥ To the one who likes to swoon: My True Love Gave to Me is a highly enjoyable collection of short stories by some of the best Young Adult authors writing today. Your heart will fill for each one of these 12 tales. (Also: it recently came out in paperback!)

♥ To the one who for whom "it's complicated":  by Estelle Laure. With her parents unable to care for Lucille and her little sister, she has to shoulder a lot. But when Lucille falls crazy in love with Digby, all you'll want is for them to find a way, against the odds, to make it work. There's real romantic angst right here.

♥ To the one who yearns to heal the world: Hello? By Liza Wiemer. This book follows five lives that intersect in various ways, and it's told in such a moving and affecting way that it will make you want to be a better person (kinda great around the holidays).