Best of 2015 RED Hearts

RED Hearts are guest posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.

Today's RED Hearts is from RED's very own editor, Amy Goldwasser, in NYC, who is rounding up her favorite posts from the first half of the year. My, how time flies! 

♥ Do This With Your Old Laptop
Year’s end — or year’s beginning — is the perfect time to take stock of your life and perhaps your clunky, leftover electronics. This piece by Cindy Morand about the not-for-profit organization Globetops, which gives you “a very cool and very direct way to donate your used laptop,” still offers a perfect upgrade.

 The Perfect Winter Lentils
What to do with laptops — or legumes? The Pancake Princess Erika Kwee managed to make lentils anything but boring. Her easy recipe was “a forever goodbye to bland and a hearty hello to flavorful and tender.” A RED Heart-y hello!

 The Journal To End All Journals
Make a list that puts Santa to shame. When Erika Kwee discovered The Bullet Journal, she could finally document everything from her daily to-dos to her top five spirit animals (sloth, penguin, cat, otter, and sea cucumber, in case you’re wondering).

 Adopt, Don't Shop
It doesn’t have to be National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day (that wasApril 30, when Dani Cox wrote about it) to know that adopting a shelter pet is an excellent and adorable idea. Your job from there is “to enjoy your new friend—and the fact that you’ve given an abandoned animal a second chance at a loving home.”

 Gilmore Guys Rule
Counting ourselves among the Gilmore Girls-smitten, our only question when Jordyn Turney wrote about the Gilmore Guys podcast back in June, was why are we doing anything else with our lives other than listening to this? Two guys, your obsessive hosts Kevin and Demi watch, dissect, and review every episode of the early ‘00s WB show.