Cool Girl: G. Hannelius, 16, Nail Star

Ready for a DIY fully-customizable nail wrap app that lets you to turn your hands into up to 10 different personalized works of art? Yeah, we are too.

To clarify: With the Make Me Nails app, you can select up to 10 original images — one for each fingernail — from either your phone's photo library, your social media pages, or by accessing the app’s built-in camera function. You can also use images from the in-app library.

Who thought up this genius concept? That would be 16-year-old G. Hannelius (star of Dog with a Blogpictured) and content creator Lauren Jones. We talked to G. about MMN and their holiday collaboration with Pottery Barn Teen (the wraps are available in stories through the holidays — $12 for a set of 18).

I Heart Daily: What gave you the idea for MMN?
G. Hannelius: I was doing nail tutorials on youtube and after seeing the positive response, I wanted to find a way to make nail art more accessible — and what's more accessible than an app right on your phone?

IHD: Have you been into nail art for a while? 
GH: Yes, I've been doing nail art since I was 10! I love floral prints both in painted nail art, and in nail wraps. It always an on-trend print that makes you feel very feminine. I also love half moon nail art or a glitter ombre.

IHD: How do you manage your time? 
GH: The days differ depending on what I'm doing or working on, but I attend high school full time. So I have school from around 8-3 and then I usually an an audition or a meeting and then I do homework and check work emails. It's a little chaotic, but I really like being busy. I can't think of the last time I said I was "bored."

IHD: What are you hearting right now?
GH: TV: Arrested Development and GIRLS. Music: Halsey, Gabrielle Aplin, Adele. Books: I'm reading Lena Dunham's book and I'm obsessed with her. And I'm always hearting A Window Between Worlds, an organization that I work closely with and they are celebrating their 25th year of using art as a healing tool to help women, children, and now veterans, who have survived domestic violence or trauma.