Cool Girl: Jess McCabe, 17, Campaigns for Women Composers

Beethoven, Mozart, Bach -- these are undoubtedly the most famous composers in music history. And, all male. But one girl Jessy McCabe, a student at Twyford Church of England High School in London, is hoping to change this perception. 

(You see, back in ol' Wolfgang's time, women weren't expected to work or, really, contribute their talents and skills to society. In fact, super well-known Felix Mendelssohn's sister, Fanny [pictured], was a extremely talented composer and pianist in her own right, but was not allowed to follow her art due to her gender. However, that doesn't mean that female composers simply didn't exist. No siree.)

After Jessy learned about "normalized sexism" in a gender equality program called Fearless Futures, she smartly realized that her A-level music syllabus included not one woman among the 63 composers. So she did what any smart young, motivated woman would do: she petitioned to change the course. And guess what? She won!  

So, thanks Jessy. We're sending you major props to you from across the pond.