Self-Help School Supplies

School just started and you probably still have that, “Yeah! New year! Gonna get that 4.0!”

However, the glow usually wears off around week five, when you have homework over the weekend (worst). To help you stay motivated, I recommend some motivational school supplies to keep you on track to over-achiever status.

♥ Double Sided Notebooks, Poketo ($6). One side says I CAN and the other I WILL. Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize…

♥ Hooray Canvas Tote, Bando ($20). A simple exclamation of jubilation can lift your spirits, so why not have it on a bag you can carry with you everywhere.

♥ You’re Totally Magical Pencil, The Carbon Crusader ($8 for 6). When you’re filling in those scantron circles you might as well get a pep talk from the pencil you’re using (with #2 lead, of course).