5 Journals for Every Type of Journaler

We recently got a request to find some cute journals to start journaling in for 2016. Mission: Accepted! Of course, no two people journal the same way, so here's a variety to suit each and every one of your documentarian tastes.

♥ Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. If you have a penchant for nostalgia, this could be the journal for you. Every day has five sections for five years, so you can easily look back and see all the cool things you did. Or if you're like me, see what you were watching on Netflix. 

 Heart Lock & Key Diary. Want to keep it like a secret? This is the classic diary that says: IF YOU'RE NOT ME, DON'T EVEN THINK OF TOUCHING THIS. 

♥ Ticket Stub Diary. Just because you're not the writerly type, doesn't mean you can't keep a journal. If you track your life by the concerts, sporting events, plays and movies you go to, slide your ticket stubs in here for a sort of "photo album."

♥ Strange Dreams Journal (pictured). The next time you dream about a koala giving you a Twinkie in trigonometry class, jot it down here. It also has space to write and draw, and gives you guided prompts to help recall your dreams. 

♥ Composition Notebook. Of course, all you need to start journaling is any kind of notebook. Doesn't have to be fancy or cute. I'm partial to a plain composition notebook that I can customize with some stickers.