App To Know: Everything is Peachy

If you think your social media life seems set with your Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook, there's a new app in town trying to make room in your phone. Peach is the "it" app of the moment and it's worth checking out.

Peach basically combines the elements of your already faithful apps into one cute peachy-hued outfit. You can share your thoughts, photos, gifs, drawings, etc. with your friends. You can like things. You can post the music you're listening to. All sounds pretty familiar, so why do you need it? 

You don't. BUT, using Peach is pretty fun. It looks cute and makes the actual act of posting and messaging feel new. By using "magic words" you can easily switch between functions: "draw" for drawing, "gif" for searching gifs, "shout" for using caps, "song" to post music. Those are just a few examples.

I'm dubious, but I'm also the person that took a year to realize genius of Snapchat. If you're so inclined, and want to explore this Peachy world together, add me (username: annepants).