Wanted: College Students in Need of Odd Jobs

Whether you have 5 hours free a week or 5 hours free a semester, QuadJobs can turn those hours into money. Free for students, the site lets you sign up to receive alerts about help wanted in your area. Jobs run the gamut, and the most common opportunities include babysitting, dogwalking, bartending, organizing a home, consulting on social media, and photography. 

Here's how it works: 1. Students sign up and create a profile. 2. Prospective employers post a job, and an alert goes out to nearby students who fit the criteria listed. 3. Students apply, and employers review their QuadJobs profile, sometimes requesting a Skype or phone interview. 4. Someone is hired! 

Creating a QuadJobs profile is an easy way to have short-term job opportunities come to you. Cha-ching.