This App Finds Scholarship Money

Finding money for college is both a noble and difficult mission. You've got ambitions, dreams, goals... and it's expensive as heck. Sure, there are big-name scholarships and financial aid packages to apply for, but there are also thousands of lesser-known opportunities that your average Google search may or may not reveal.

Enter Scholly, an app that uses a set of eight specific parameters to instantly match applicants with their best scholarship prospects. The database is current, the guidelines are clear, and the app has helped applicants secure over $35 million in scholarships in the last two years alone. 

Scholly's database includes both need-based and merit scholarships, and also features helpful tips for the application process, examples of successful essays and a dashboard for saved dates and deadlines. “There are millions of dollars in funding for college and grad school that go to waste each year simply because students aren’t aware they exist or don’t know where to look,” says Christopher Gray (pictured), who founded Scholly in 2013, while an undergraduate at Drexel University.

Gray grew up in an underserved community in Alabama, and he doggedly pursued funding for college (often applying on his phone since he had no computer at home — a tedious process). Ultimately, he won $1.3 million in scholarships. So, you know, he's a good source.

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